Thanks for sharing the Youtube links, I've always enjoyed throat singing and have wondered how difficult it is to learn.

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I believe the bowed instrument he's playing is a Morin khuur, otherwise known as a horsehead fiddle. It's a traditional Mongolian instrument that pairs well with the bagpipes, in terms of the way it's played with a drone to accompany the melody. (Side note: this is one of the reasons I was drawn to playing traditional fiddle music to begin with. I love the sound of double-stops and drone strings.)
This comment has me wondering if a hurdy gurdy wouldn't also pair well with pipes...

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The underslung drones caught my eye as well. Many areas have their own version of pipes, and since the clip says it's
drums and pipe music from Latvia, perhaps these are a local variant?
Toward the bottom of the Wikipedia page on bagpipes there are pictures of a number of different country/region variations. Several of the Eastern European versions have drones pointing down or out to the side.