I noticed from your photos that some of the casual kilts are pleated to the sett (i.e. Sterling, Tara, and St. Andrews) while others are pleated to the stripe (i.e. American Heritage, Glyndwr, and Scottish National).

I expect to order another casual kilt within the next 6 weeks, and I'm trying to decide what to order.

There are certain tartans that I like (or prefer) pleated to the stripe, while there are others that I only like pleated to the sett. And for the ones pleated to the stripe, I have distinct preferences about which stripe I like best.

The current top four contenders:
Holyrood: Is this normally pleated to the sett (or ever pleated to the sett)? If not, do you have a photo of what the pleats look like?
St. Andrews: Is this normally pleated to the sett? (Obviously, based on the photos, it's an option.) If it's not normally pleated to the sett, what is the best way to request that on my order?
American Heritage: This appears to normally be pleated to the white stripe. Is that correct?
Oakleigh: The one example appeared to be pleated to the stripe, but not the yellow stripe. What would be the best way to request the pleat be to a particular stripe?