I have a five yard wool kilt. The quality is very nice and the pleats are sewn correctly (yay). But it arrived unbasted and the pleats aren't very sharp at the edges. It still hangs very nicely and there's no shower-curtain effect but I would like them a bit more crisp at the edges.

I know I should baste and press. But I don't trust myself not to mess it up (after all, I spent a lot of money on this kilt!). There's a local company that maintains furs, antique and vintage suits, premium leather goods, etc. that claimed on the phone that they've worked with wool kilts before and could baste and press.

I would gladly take it to an actual kiltmaker for this but I know of none anywhere near me.

Whom should I trust more? Myself, who has no experience, or a company that claims to have experience but can't prove it?