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    25th July 19
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    Just my thoughts

    While growing up, it was reinforced in my thinking the idea that I was a Heinz 57. Basically, I am descended from most of the European nations with a bit of Native American just to add flavor. When my descendants jumped off the boat they loved everybody, obviously, in the literal sense. While my German characteristics are most prominant, it is the Irish and Scottish that most interests me.
    I am particularly fond of the kilt. I see it as a more comfortable way of dressing, and it's historical roots predate pants. As the Scottish kilt appears to be descended from the gowns and kilt type wear of the ancient civilizations. As a Christian, it is not lost on me that Christ wore gowns and not pants. Ancient Roman warriors, and ancient Greeks wore what is very obviously kilt type clothing.
    As a US citizen, I have noticed that American culture is borrowed from many cultures around the world. We tend to Americanize most things. I do not see this as disrespectful. I think that complaining about cultural appropiation is a bit absurd. As appropiations seem to be much more in line with honoring certain aspects of a culture, than disrespecting it.
    I believe that in wearing a tartan, a person should honor tradition as much as possible. The tartan is the traditional form of kilt that is most readibly traced back to Scottish tradition. I, however, see the modern utility kilts as being the Americanization of the kilt that allows much more freedom. I see both as valid men's wear.

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    I don't want to split hairs here but...I think many outwith Scotland tend to forget that many, most even, Scots are Heinz 57 types too. Its just that the mixing started much earlier in history and continues to this day.
    " Rules are for the guidance of wise men and the adherence of idle minds and minor tyrants". Field Marshal Lord Slim.

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    18th October 09
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jock Scot View Post
    I think many outwith Scotland tend to forget that many, most even, Scots are Heinz 57 types too. Its just that the mixing started much earlier in history and continues to this day.
    It's why so much Northwestern European DNA is so similar/undifferentiated that it can't be narrowed down more geographically than "Northwestern Europe".

    Yet the more people that take DNA tests the more data there is, and slowly a clearer map is emerging.
    Proud Mountaineer from the Highlands of West Virginia; son of the Revolution and Civil War; first Europeans on the Guyandotte

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