Dear Kiltlovers,

as far as I know Kilt-Hoses are a special kind of stockings made for being worn with a Kilt. As I do not only sew but also knit I want do make some on my own. Are there any good and free instructions on the internet?
Second Question:
I thought, that if the entire hose is made of wool it might wear out easily and get holes or becomes felted in the footpart. Moist and warmth from the feet will cause the wool to felt. So that felting and holes do not happen, I thought of separating the foot and the leg part of the hose.
The leg part does not felt and continues to look beautiful while the foot part can be replaced easily, when it gets holes. By now I made two pairs of leg parts.

It is not entirely traditional, but what do you think?
By the way: Bavarian peasants had the same problem and their solution was exactely that: Separating leg and foot part of stockings. This became the 'Wadlstrümpfe' a part of Bavarian traditional costume for men.

Greetings from Munich