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    Scene 90

    We continued along the tunnel, with Jockel stopping at each cross passage to examine the walls. Occasionally he would direct us to a new tunnel.

    As the dwarf was examining a new passage, Starbuck interrupted, “Everyone quiet!”

    The elf quickly moved to the different passages and listened at each one. After listening to the passage from where we had come, he spoke in a low voice, “We need to leave, now!”

    “What? What is it?” James sputtered out.

    Jockel answered, after sniffing the air, “Goblins, many of them.”

    “How many?” I asked.

    Starbuck was still listening intently. “Too many!”

    “They have seen our light,” Jockel said, nodding. “Hurry, we need to make it to the surface! They do not like sunlight.”

    As we made our way through the tunnels, I began to hear the sounds from behind us. “They’re getting closer!”

    Gerald sniffed the air and growled. “They stink!”

    Jockel nodded in agreement. “That won’t stop them from killing us.”

    Sir David spoke up, “Jockel, we must increase our pace. We must get David to his goal.”

    “I’ll go as quickly as I can, but if I choose the wrong passage, we could be trapped.”

    “We have little choice, my friend.”

    Jockel hurried his pace and only briefly examined each passage before moving down the new tunnel.

    Sir David again called from the back, “Jockel, they are getting closer! We must get to the surface quickly!”

    Jockel quickly chose a new passage and began to move faster. We could all hear the sounds of the goblins growing closer.

    We burst through an opening and barely stopped just short of a cliff. I could barely see the far side and couldn’t see the bottom of the chasm as it disappeared into darkness.

    James was near panic, “We’re trapped!”

    Starbuck and Jockel looked frantically in both directions. “This way!” Starbuck declared and led us to the left.

    We came to a rock arch that led across the chasm. Its width was just big enough for two people to stand abreast.
    Starbuck quickly ushered us across. “Hurry, get to the other side!”

    James wasted no time stepping out onto the arch and we all followed him, with Sir David still guarding our rear.

    Just as we got to the other side, we could see the ugly features of the goblins begin to emerge from the tunnel behind us. They quickly spotted the arch we had crossed and streamed towards it.

    “Over there!” Jockel yelled out, pointing to the dark opening of another passage on our side of the chasm.

    As we hurried towards the opening, I looked across the chasm. Hundreds of goblins were pouring out of the tunnel.
    I also noticed that Sir David was not with us and still stood at the rock arch.

    “Sir David! Come on!” I called back to him.

    But the knight did not follow. Instead he had drawn his sword, readied his shield, and stepped onto the arch. “Go, David!” he called back. “You must get through!”

    As I watched the knight prepare to meet the goblins, Jockel grabbed my arm. “David, take this,” he said pressing a small globe into my hand. “Shake it and it will give you light. Move up and you will find the surface.”

    And then, Jockel and Starbuck rushed back to join Sir David.

    I started to follow them, but James grabbed me. Sir David saw what I was doing. “No!” he ordered. “Get him out of here! His quest is all that matters!”

    James and the others dragged me into the passage. As the darkness engulfed us, I remembered the globe. I shook it and it began to glow with a magical red light.

    “Up,” I choked out. “We have to go up.”

    Sir David was right. I had to finish this quest, but how many more would have to sacrifice for me.
    We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance. - Japanese Proverb

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    Scene 91

    We moved quickly up the corridors, the sounds of battle fading behind us. Each time we reached a branch, we always chose the passage that seemed to go up.

    Again and again, we passed one branch after another, always going up.

    Suddenly, Gerald stopped us. “Wait, quiet!”

    I watched him as he listened intently. “What is it?”

    A look of worried understanding crossed his face. “We have to hurry!”

    We all took off through the passageways. Before long, we could all hear what had worried Gerald.

    Sounds of pursuit came from the passage behind us, sounds of hundreds of creatures.

    Sir David and the others had failed!

    “Run!” I ordered.

    We broke into a run and passed through the caverns as fast as we could, but suddenly James, who led our flight, stopped dead.

    “Which way?” he exclaimed.

    “Up!” I answered.

    “They both go up!”

    I looked ahead and saw he was right. “I don’t know! Go right!”

    Again we sped down the chosen path. The sounds of pursuit getting closer all the time.

    And then our flight ended as we burst into a chamber, a chamber with no opening other than the one we had come in. Stone walls surrounded us. I had chosen the wrong path!

    “How do we get out of here?” James said in a panic.

    I looked around at all the walls. “Mike, can you break through?”

    “How?” he responded. “These walls are solid rock. I have no idea how thick they are. Even if I could, there’s not enough room to build up any momentum!”

    “We have to get away!” James screamed.

    “They’re getting closer!” Gerald called from the entrance.

    He was right. I could hear them coming up the corridor.

    What else could I do? I reached down and picked up some loose rocks. I wouldn’t go down without a fight.
    Mike readied himself and Gerald began to transform. James was trying to fade into the stone.

    As the first goblin burst into the chamber, I threw a rock as hard as I could. The rock struck the small creature square in the chest and knocked him back.

    But more were pouring into the chamber!
    We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance. - Japanese Proverb

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