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Alright then Bill where is it?The bonnet? Lost in the post? Wrong size/colour, so had to be returned? You have forgotten which river you have dunked it in? You forgot to put the stones in before dunking it and its been washed away? Has the dog taken to wearing it? Perhaps you have been saving it for some grand occasion?

Come Bill, enquiring minds need to know!
Hi Jock!

Always good to hear from you, my friend!

Burnett & Struth have come up empty so far. Apparently Mackie will only ship to them when they have orders for five, not one, so when it eventually gets here, they'll most likely get a good review for the item and a lousy review for the store.

I've been in touch with James at B & S several times, and he keeps making promises, so it seems more like plain BS. It's been almost two months and it still shows as "Awaiting Fulfillment". Meanwhile, they've charged my credit card for the bonnet and I've received two auto-reminders to do a product review.

Ask me if I'm pleased. It's too expensive for this sort of runaround. I'll bet you could get one in two weeks over there.

Thanks for asking; it doesn't look too good for them so far!

I think I'll copy this over to their subforum. They deserve a bit of a black eye.