I asked similar before but I'm looking to add a few songs to a classical concert in the summer. If I got my ideal it would be a piano accompaniment of a vocal line in a low voice for two songs Dillion and the Goat as sung by Dermet O'Brien. and My Hearts in the Highlands as sung by Kenneth McKellar. There are a lot of versions on this one but just hoping to get lucky. At worse a song book that is made to be performed by voice and piano. I've seen a lot with melody and chords but if anyone knows of one with an complete arrangement that might be helpful for the future.
I have found and used a very nice arrangement for Skye Boat, Loch Lomond and Wayfaring Stranger (given credit to scots of the Appalachians) as rendered by Tennessee Ernie Ford but would like more.
I would really love the Dillion and the Goat as one of my encore songs is The Ugly Duckling because you get to make a pbb spit sound in the chorus and Dillion and the Goat has the pbb spit sound and a Bronx cheer in it every chorus. It doesn't seem worth singing if you can't Pbb every now and then.