So sorry to read this sad news about Hamish. I have never met him, but I have so much enjoyed reading his posts here on XTMS. Every one of them showing which true gentleman, he is. The kilted legend.

Hamish has often been in my thoughts. In 2019 we here, after five years of silence, saw a few lines from him. So, no doubt, that in the meantime his health had taken the wrong direction. And so it had, no doubt, since he in August 2010 had his first surgery, following him been diagnosed back in January that year.
He, who had been so active, still brought it to nearly 100 contributions in 2011, then in 2012 they dropped to under 50, the following year just six, four in 2014, and then nothing until the one in July 2019. So sad.

And his 100 magnificent kilts? I so much wish his Kilt Kollection shall find a permanent home.

Bernie, Iím sure, Hamish does not remember me, but nevertheless I should like you to bring him my best regards and hopes. He is in my thoughts. And he will be.