This lovely seal PC-style sporran is up on Ebay now (collage, lower left).

The leather is stamped

TD Made In Scotland

(Collage, lower right.)

If the cantle bears silver hallmarks the seller hasn't mentioned it.

Interestingly the horsehair sporran (collage, upper right) is said to have a cantle stamped TD.

There's no online list of sporran leather stamps (other than the scattered photos I've posted here) but there is of Silver Maker's Marks and there are three Scottish makers who used the TD stamp:

Thomas Davie, Greenock.
Thomas Drysdale, Edinburgh.
unknown TD, Glasgow.

All three are known from silverwork done in the first half of the 19th century and thus are unlikely for a sporran probably made c1930-1950.

The cantle at upper left, which appears to be German Silver, is of the same style as the horsehair sporran cantle and I think is by the same maker.

Any thoughts?