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  1. PLEASE READ: Changes to the Swap Forum
  2. Want to trade Kilt stuff for paintball stuff
  3. Want to trade Prince Charlie jacket and vest for Argyll jacket and vest - 44R
  4. TDK size swap?
  5. FREE TO GOOD HOME: black Canali 4-button blazer (US 44L, EU 54L) ideal for conversion
  6. Piper brogue buckles
  7. Have a Large Wallace Sports Kilt (worn once), Looking to Swap for Something Smaller
  8. Necktie Swap
  9. Have a kilt to trade, kilt pins
  10. 40 plaid brooches for tartan material
  11. Kilt hose tops swap for material
  12. 20 kilts, 16 plaids to swap for 8 yards16 oz tartan
  13. 4 Blackcock feather plumes to swap for 8 yards 16 oz tartan
  14. 4 metres 10 oz violet dancers tartan for what have you
  15. 16 oz 4 yards to swap for like
  16. Sporran Swap
  17. Have 44S jacket/waistcoat Need 44R Jacket/Waistcoat

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