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  1. How to Hang Your Kilt
  2. Acrylic Black Watch After Washing
  3. Getting poison ivy off kilts?
  4. anywhere in chicago?
  5. Stag horn buttons
  6. Leather sporran care
  7. Ironing wrinkles in a Kilt
  8. How to Tame an Unruley Horsehair Sporran
  9. Storage
  10. Just an off-the-wall thought...
  11. Mil.Box Pleat ?Baste? ?Iron? Tutorial Needed
  12. washing wool jumpers
  13. Care/Restoration of Kilt Straps
  14. Repairing a sash
  15. Pressing the pleats
  16. Whirlpool fabric freshner
  17. Tips on storing kilts in suitcase
  18. Kilt Damage From Cheap Sporran Clip
  19. Unravelling Belt Loop
  20. Washing a Wool Kilt
  21. care for a USA Kilt
  22. free dry cleaning
  23. dry cleaner needed!!
  24. My Sporran SMELLS ?
  25. Transporting a kilt
  26. Starching Hemp
  27. Storing Kilts
  28. Need a new sporran strap..
  29. Washing/drying a Poly kilt
  30. Frayed Flashes
  31. how to store a feather bonnet?
  32. repressing a kilt that has been pressed incorrectly
  33. Kilt is too long
  34. Kilt Storage and Insect Damage
  35. Possible snap failure
  36. Flashes Storage
  37. Denim Kilt
  38. Repairing Insect Damage
  39. Repairing a kilt yourself?
  40. Prewash Xmarks PV tartan?
  41. Kilt Alteration Question. Help...
  42. My Experience with Order of the Gael Hangers
  43. Kilt 6 inches to big.
  44. Great success with a steamer
  45. Hair Canvas Alternative for PV Kilts
  46. How to wash & dry a wool Balmoral cap?
  47. How to Get Sweat Stains Out of My Waistband?
  48. How to steam pleats in an older worn kilt
  49. Re-weaving to repair moth holes
  50. Kilt Hang Drying - Rack, Hangers and clothespins.
  51. Hemming and other minor damage
  52. Traveling soon
  53. Snagged thread
  54. Clarification on Basting the Pleats
  55. New Kilt Owner Advice
  56. Strap Issues with Modern Utility Style Kilts
  57. Weather Proofing a Kilt!
  58. Cleaning beer from a kilt
  59. Need suggestions for belted plaid
  60. What is everyone doin to keep moths at bay?
  61. Moth precautions?
  62. What about Teflon coating?
  63. Did I just make a mistake?
  64. wax spill removal
  65. Lint and hair rmoval for kilts.
  66. Military Kilt Repair, Advice
  67. SWK Thrifty Kilt, Care & Maintenance
  68. Dry Cleaning a Wool Kilt
  69. Kilt apron needs replacing.
  70. Kent Clothing Brush Seconds on Ebay
  71. Sporran tassels
  72. Synthetic material kilt with wrinkle
  73. Difficulty Repressing the Pleats
  74. repressed my pleats with my butt.
  75. Speedy Acrylic Care
  76. dry clean ? dip in woolite and drip dry or lay it out flat/ air out
  77. Dry Cleaning vs Machine Washing
  78. Kilt pin repaired
  79. Just got some kilt strap exenders
  80. Kilt hangers
  81. Having a kilt altered...?
  82. Small holes...
  83. Kilt Hanging versus Rolling
  84. Mentha spicata - Spearmint oil for pressing and ironing
  85. Best way to clean a belt ?
  86. Removing Tree Pitch?
  87. Are you familiar with "Buttonhole Twist"?
  88. Kilt alterations UK
  89. Washing Hose 80% wool 20% Polyamide
  90. Kilt Cleaning in Austin, TX
  91. Help with unkempt pleats
  92. How should I pack my kilt, etc?
  93. Dry cleaning for tweed jacket?
  94. Pug hair magnets.
  95. Kilt rolling for storage - some detail questions
  96. Old Noob with question on X-Large Hose
  97. Machine washing -- my experience
  98. Darning a hole in a kilt
  99. Jacket Fix ?
  101. New sporran
  102. An anti moth idea.
  103. Soften Sporran Leather
  104. Luggage/Travelling with Kilt Outfit
  105. Care and maintenance of horse hair sporran
  106. Can this cantle be saved?
  107. Kilt Hose Stretching Out
  108. Flashes
  109. Wool Kilt from eBay
  110. "I Keep Losing Buttons!"
  111. Basted and Steam Pressed.
  112. Removing silver tarnish marks from fur
  113. How do you store your kilt hose?
  114. Worn and Thinned Apron
  115. Pleat maintenance
  116. Apron Deep Pleat Re-hem
  117. Shoe polish: thoughts, fun facts, questions
  118. Basting/Washing/Pleating Bulk Threat
  119. Polishing a sporran
  120. Pleats on a new wool kilt
  121. resizing a kilt
  122. Defending The Wool Kilt Against A Moth Invasion
  123. How to Handle a Pull
  124. Stretch Test
  125. Should you dry-clean a kilt?
  126. Trying an Experiment
  127. Pleats driving me insane
  128. Horsehair sporran
  129. Cleaning an Old Leather Utnilikilt
  130. DIY Kilt Hangars
  131. Restoring the pleats on a 90-100 year old kilt
  132. Storing horsehair sporrans
  133. Keep the pin in when hanging up the kilt, or take it out?
  134. Getting rid of a funky smell in a secondhand kilt
  135. Looking for a button polish backing

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