Battlefield Band, a Scots group, is playing next Sunday night, March 18, at the Red Light Cafe. "Long running institution of scottish music since 1969 blending traditional music with pop and rock and with inovation that shows in their staying power. "

Anyone else up for showing up?

I have never heard a note they have played, but in a thread here: everyone who posted says they are great.

Here is the band's website:

The show starts at 7:30, and doors open at 6:30. We might get there early so we can hang out before the show. For those new to X Markers' kilt nights who may not recognize us, shall we take up an earlier suggestion and wear a red ribbon behind our kilt pin?

Here is the Red Light Cafe's website:
They are at 553 Amsterdam Ave, off Monroe Drive, between it and Piedmont Park near Midtown. Here is a map and directions:

The tickets are a bit high, $22.50, but everyone who weighed in on the above thread said they are worth it. Tickets are available through Variety Playhouse, Ticketmaster, or Red Light Cafe thoughContact: Bill Hoover - Phone: 404.874.7828