I think I might have discovered a bit of a glitch in your combined ordering system in place to use with your Design Your Tartan system. Just for curiosity's sake, I pulled up my best design and started the ordering process by choosing to have it woven in 16 oz double wide fabric, minimum order 10 meters. Then went to the Buy button and working through this "ordered" an 8yd Balmoral Kilt, which was added to my cart, and the box below left tells me that item uses 3.7m of the tartan and that I have 6.3m remaining, and at the specified cost of that remainder piece of custom tartan. I then choose the button below to buy more items in this tartan, choose a fly plaid, and add it to my cart, but the amount of tartan needed for the fly plaid (ostensibly 1.5m) is not subtracted from the 6.3m I have left after the kilt order, but instead from a new batch of 8 meter SW tartan (the remainder is too big). I go to add a tartan waistcoat (ostensibly 1.5m) and again it subtracts the amount necessary from a new batch of 8m tartan(the remainder is again too big). I add a scarf (ostensibly 0.4m) and it subtracts it from yet another 8 meter batch of tartan (the remainder actuall increased). I add a flat cap (ostensibly 0.1m) and it again subtracts that amount from a new batch of 8 meters of tartan (the remainder is even bigger again). The system is not working by serially subtracting the necessary amounts for each additional item from my original 10 meters of custom tartan, then showing the remainder from that original amount, and the cost for that remainder that needs to be added to my order costs. It is instead generating a new order of tartan with each additional item ordered. So I have no idea of what tartan is remaining from my original remnant after the kilt order, and therefore no idea what the cost is of that remnant after all my items are made from it. I hope this makes sense.

Am I doing something wrong?


Jeff :ootd: