The Dandelion is the official Plant Badge of X Marks the Scot!

The polls have closed and out of 128 votes cast 97 were for and 31 against.

With better than 75% agreeing that this humble plant, considered by most little more than a common weed, possesses many of the qualities that we prize in our membership.

The dandelion is hardy, flourishes everywhere, spreads, it is bright, easily obtained, it has many uses, it bears one of the colors of the X Marks the Scot tartan, it is a plant for the everyman instead of the elite, and shows perhaps best of all shows a light hearted spirit that typifies our forumís membership.

Also of note, it may even be seen as to incorporate a humorous play on words (which is the basis by which some actual clan plants were chosen) for Lion Rampant on Scotlandís Flag and our well dressed membership.

Take note that this is meant in light hearted fun. There was a time when wearing a clan badge was to show allegiance to those who you would fight and die for and with. Such times have passed and this symbolism is preserved by many to honor this bond and taken very seriously. By adopting our own plant badge we intend neither a substitute or mocking of this historic symbolism.

Our fellowship is not bonded by blood and allegiance. Rather we are a most odd and wonderful collection of good people drawn together by a love of kilts and the lore around them. To this end let the humble and noble dandelion be a small reminder each time you see it, be it in a lapel, a hat, or brightly and defiantly sprouting in an otherwise neat lawn, of this great group of people.