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Thread: USA Kiltmaker

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    USA Kiltmaker

    A few years ago, I was in a bit of a slump. I was keeping a journal of thoughts / personal philosophies / activities / etc. One day I got especially down on myself in my journal. I started exploring the idea of whether or not I really cared what others thought of me. Am I a man of my convictions or just giving lip service to my lofty ideals? That passage ended wih the sentences: "Do I really care what others think? After all... I don't even have the balls to wear a kilt when I've always wanted to"

    That was it... my "mid twenties" identity crisis summed up in one article of clothing. It was like a light switch going off in my brain. I decided to purchase my first kilt (actually bought 2 at once) and wear it whenever I pleased... consequences be damned.

    After wearing them out a few times, 2 of my friends saw them and got jealous... they had to get kilts too. A few weeks later, we started a company and began to distribute kilts for another well known company. After buying a few more kilts, we started to improve the rather "plain & skirt-like" design of them by adding belt loops, sewing down the hips and sewing down the pleats and whatnot.

    A few short months later, we realized that we could make the kilts better ourselves and sell them at the same price. After all... that's what Capitsalism is all about right? Building the better mousetrap?

    So, a few designs, a couple thousand kilts and 3 partners later (1 left, 1 was bought out and Kelly bought in), USA Kilts is going strong. We have learned from every kilt and every different design that we've tried. From the beginning, we knew that our customers want 3 things... Quality, Price and SPEED.

    Acknowledging these desires, our goal from the beginning has been simple... provide quality kilts, for a reasonable price, in a TIMELY manner. We know that not everyone can afford a $500 kilt, yet they want to express their heritage. That's why we're here. That being said, if someone wants a high end 8 yard wool kilt, we are able to provide that as well.
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