Greetings Desert Kilties!

Our May Kilt Night is taking place on Friday, May 18, at 6pm at our favorite Palm Springs Watering Hole, Dickie O'Neal's Irish Pub. If you haven't yet joined us, Dickie's is the Palm Springs version of "Cheers"!

Friday is Karaoke Night, which starts at 8pm, so any of you American Idol "wannabes" are welcome to join in. We'll have the high top tables at the bar, as always, so the more the merrier! This will most likely be our last official Kilt Night for the Season, as it gets a bit warm in the summer to wear wool, however, if any impromptu gatherings take place, and there is sufficient advance notice, I will certainly clue you in! We never need an excuse to get together kilted, after all............. "Every Day is Kilt Day!".


Laird of the Valley
King of the Kilties
Principal of The SCHooligans