Come out! This is a really fun event as it is a timeline event and you will hob-nob with reenactors ranging from the Roman age to World War II. Various cultures are represented but the most important thing is the attitue of the reenactors are consistant with the idea of being true to Living History.

Here's a link with info on the event:

The folks in the picture there are the Denver Vikings. Their webpage is Their chief Lodin threatened to kidnap my son Ravan when he heard his name, saw his hair, and saw him working our group's smithy. I guess the Vikings need a good blacksmith! They're a fun bunch of guys.

These guys, , lead the opening ceremonies last year.

These guys are at most of the festivals that we do, but they have nothing posted yet.

This is the Roman Legion: They are scheduled to be there, and are not to be missed.

Our group website is at It's not been updated this year, irritating enough. Our Face Book page, however, is current. It's at If you have a Face Book account, befriend us!

Hope to see a few of you there!