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    8th January 08
    The Bayou City - Houston, TX
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    Most large metropolises have their problems. I go to Detroit twice each year for business and I think it's a beautiful city. Sometimes, I would stay overnight in Livonia and drive into the city. I'll say that I like the freeway system there better than Houston's.

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    11th July 08
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slag101 View Post
    You know, I would have had more respect for you if you perhaps sent me a private message and we discussed this like men. Also, a nice touch was you complaining to the mods, before you even talked with me about this. Not a thing I stated was inaccurate, as it was reported in the media (not claiming the media to be accurate). If you take issue with what was said, send a note to CNN. Also, it is fact that every state has it's less than reputable cities. We have quite a few here, which I poked fun at as well. See my statement in regards to Camden.

    Here is short list of the worst cities in NJ:
    Atlantic City
    Camden (in a yearly competition with Detroit to be #1 in murders. FACT!!!)
    East Orange
    South Orange

    I would not be brave enough to host a kilt night in anyone of these towns. Hence my comment about them being "built braver" in Detroit, which was a compliment. The OP even has a tag line in his signature about having to be brave to wear a kilt in Detroit.

    All I am really saying here is, READ TWICE BEFORE YOU POST ONCE!!!

    I would have gladly had this discussion via PM, and I may have even apologized for your hard feelings, but since you deiced to air it publicly, and report a benign post to the mods, waisting my time and thee time, the only thing I am sorry for is you complete lack of a sense of humor, and you inability to act like a man, and speak to a person you have a problem with in a civilized manner. If you had done that, and it failed, then by all means go to the mods. At least try to talk to the person you feel slighted you before you cry fowl.
    You sir are a coward. Your statement was made in public, thus I replied in public. You are also woefully uninformed and base your entire premise on what you may have heard in the media, without first hand knowledge. This is a KILT site. It is NOT a place to air your petty attempts at humor regarding someone's hometown. By calling my city a Demilitarized Zone, you've shown complete disrespect for me, my family and my neighbors. If you don't like being called out on it, too bad. Having served in combat and having seen active AOs and DMZs, I KNOW what I'm talking about. You sir decided to throw words around simply for their hyperbole and not thier impact. THINK TWICE, POST ONCE.

    As to it being 'benign', if you knew anything about this metro area, you'd know that those that throw the term "DMZ" around when speaking of my city are often referring to the racial makeup of Detroit and that term carries with it very loaded racial connotations.

    Why would you even post a response on this thread? The original message was to promote a kilt night here for locals. You do not live in the area or have stated you had plans on attending.

    You post disparaging BS in public, yet wish a conversation in private? Being a man means taking it as you've given it.

    So--this thread needs to return to it's orignal intent--Planning a Kilt Night in the Detroit Metro are for those who desire to attend.
    [I][B]Ad fontes[/B][/I]

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    24th July 07
    Spotsylvania, Virginia USA
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    This is a real shame that this thread has taken this turn to become one of personal attacks.

    Thread Closed.

    Ern Malcolm for the Forum Moderators

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