Hello Rabble!
I recently purchased an Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders box pleated kilt,I think it is 22oz wool.As it is an original Military kilt it had a 27" drop,(3" too long for me.)I found a local tailor with 40 years experience who informed me that he could shorten the kilt with no visible hem.However...when I collected the kilt he had ironed out all of the box pleats,in order to make an invisibly stitched turn up hem.Imagine my dismay at having to press the box pleats pretty much from scratch!?!
it took me a long time but I did a reasonably good job,here's the problem guys,because of the weight & thickness of the cloth I'm not sure if the pleats will stay or if they will look too bulky and unsightly when they loosen up a bit.
As the tailor has cut off the original selvedge I am wondering if it would be possible for me to cut off the hem and run along the selvedge with a special stitch or even glue to prevent any fraying or unravelling.
I do believe that the kilt will probably look better with no hem as it was originally made.Thoughts please?????????And yes I do now know that the best way to shorten a kilt is from the top...Ah well...You live and learn!