Father of "The X-Kilt"

Alan H. has been a member since 13 September, 2004.

In 2006, Alan H responded to a need he perceived among members of the Forum which was a simple way of making a kilt. It needs little sewing experience. Is inexpensive, and can look good enough that you would be proud to wear it. Thus the X-Kilt was born and the manual to make it. The rest is history.

An untold number of members and others have made their own X-Kilt and wear it with pride! Alan only asks in return to post of photo of them wearing their masterpiece.

As much as Alan H enjoys the kilted life, he probably enjoys the Highland Games more. Alan H has made a significant contribution to the Athletics subforum and the Highland Games and Celtic Events Forum. His posts and threads have been instructional to other big men in kilts in becoming everything that had hoped to be as a Highland athlete.

We recognize Alan H for these contributions to this Forum, the kilted world and Highland Athletics.

Alan H was inducted to the Honour Roll on 25 Oct 2011.