Figheadair has been a member of the forum since 2 January 2010.

The tartan world knows figheadair as Peter MacDonald; noted tartan historian and head of research for the Scottish Tartan Authority. Peter has his own Tartan Design and Consultancy Studio providing tartan designs for individuals, clan societies, various organizations and multi-national companies. A noted tartan weaver and expert on 18th century tartans and also those of Wilsons of Bannockburn, he lectures on tartans and Highland dress and as acted as an historic Highland dress consultant to film productions and reenactments.

At X Marks, figheadair shares his vast knowledge of tartans and posts a series on Tartans of the Month as well as historic information on tartan and Highland dress.

Figheadair was inducted to the X Marks Honour Roll on the 19th of July 2011