A couple of weeks ago we went to Oak Glen. Actually it was suppose to be 65 degrees and sunshine with 10-15 mph winds gust to 25. Instead it was 40 completely overcast and drizzling rain but they got the wind right.
JoAnn, grizzly and I had decided to go to our regular weekend hike but weren't dressed for what we found. We got out and walked about 100 yards and decided to go sit in the car to see if it would blow over. Grizzly really likes cooler weather and was acting like he was a puppy running around etc. Granted that doesn't last because after 10 minutes or so he starts remembering he's an old dog and starts limping.
We sat in the car for about 1/2 an hour and decided to drive down to yucaipa do some grocery shopping and see if the weather had cleared by then. The whole time in the car grizz cried because he wanted to go run so I took him out for about 5 minutes and we left.
I normally carry a heavy shirt in the car but we'd had such hot weather I assumed that was the future. Guess it's time to put it back
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