Help! I have a friend that, while I give him credit for wearing his kilt, just doesn't look right. Don't get me wrong. I'm not the kilt police. It's just that he has a beer belly and wears his kilt UNDER it. It is not flattering. In fact it accentuates his weight. I've been told that I wear my kilts like clothing. He wears it like a costume. (ouch!) The wonderful thing about a kilt is that when worn over the girth of a large belly, it evens the top and bottom parts, giving an overall better look. I have suggested a more traditional kilt to my friend as they are generally worn higher on the waist (as compared to a UK). He doesn't get the hint. I really don't want to be blunt and put him off kilt wearing as a whole, but the way he wears his kilt now is NOT compimentary. Any suggestions?