On Friday, March 23, the Celtic Amazon Warbitch From Hell and myself braved the foul weather and ventured forth to Victoria. Our mission? A weekend of fun and a kilt night!

This first pic while we wait for the ferry.

Shelly catches up on the news of the floods and mud slides.

We stayed at a b&b, the Amethyst Inn. It is a Victorian mansion built in 1885 and is on the historical registry.

Our room included a king sized canopy bed. Shelly got in one side and I in the other, it took me half an hour to catch her!

The room also had a beautiful wardrobe and a gas fireplace.

Once we were all settled, it was off to the Freedom Kilt shop. Steve presented Shelly with the Anderson tartan sash he had made for her.

Steve and I then unloaded the XMTS tartan!!

Then, back to the inn to prepare for dinner and KILT NIGHT!! Ready to roll with my new diamond willow walking stick. This is on the grand staircase at the Amethyst Inn.

Shelly wearing the Anderson sash.

Dinner at Earl's restaurant with Steve and the BIRTHDAY GIRL!