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    How I came to make my kilts...

    In all honesty I must say that I don't make all my kilts. I have 5 kilts which have been purchase but I have made over 15 kilts within the past 9 months. Some I wear in public and some are not worth wearing because of the 'I wonder what would happen if... school of thought.

    How did this come to be? I have also asked myself that question when I look in my closet!

    Almost a year ago I tuned in quite by accident to the Monarch of the Glen TV show. After an episode I remembered how much I did enjoy wearing my kilts. Over 20 years ago I bought my first kilt. I wore it a few times to some Highland games and I even wore it to some semi-formal event. After a few 'negative' experiences I put it into the cedar chest and forgot about it.

    One afternoon I was websurfing and came across a few sites on kilts. Yes, I had been bitten by the kilt bug again! Twenty years and about 60 pounds made the old kilt, well, 60 pounds unwearable. I looked around and I found many nice kilts in the $400-$500.00 neighborhood but I realized that I was not THAT committed. What happens if my memories were sweater than real life?

    I started thinking and surfing then I came across the Utilikilt site and a NEW kind of Kilt, Sport Kilts. Just the thing. I could wear them around the house and maybe, dare I say, in public!

    But here was the level of commitment again. This is where the internet took over, 'KILTMAKING FOR DUMMIES'. Well, not really, but this should have been my warning. After looking and searching I thought....$5.00 a yard for fabric, times 4 yards (cut in half 8 yards total)=$20.00 and a nice kilt...WRONG!!!!

    I had always been a 'do it yourselfer'. I had a computer problem so I learned how to fix it...therefor I am now a Certified Computer Geek. I had a car problem so I learned how to do all sorts of things things short of changing out an engine(in theory I know how). So it only reasoned I needed to learn how to make a kilt. After reading everything on the net and getting the book 'The Art of Kiltmaking' I was ready...in theory!

    My first kilt was a black sport kilt or you might even say Irish Kilt. $2.00 per yard off the Walmart sale table. I took it home and yes, started working on it on my new sewing machine from Sears...O.K. $80.00 for a sewing machine, 8 yards of fabric $16.00, hook and loop and thread $5.00. Yes, it would have been cheaper to buy but my new hobby was born!

    After the first poor attempt I learned that seeing, reading and doing DO NOT always go hand in hand. So, I made another, then another, then I found some camo fabric which really could make a good looking kilt. Besides, not something you would see too many places. It seemed that I hit every fabric place and warehouse for fabric, camo or other. During my exploits I have come across some great tartan fabric and I have even made 2 'traditional' kilts which while not in the same level as the 'professional' kilts but I love to wear them because I made them. I guess that is what it all comes down to. My home-make kilts, they express me, my Celtic heritage and even my rebellious nature expressed in the traditional tartan or the 'Camo Clan' kilts.

    I make them because they express me and I wear them for the same reason. Kind of nice the way that works!
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