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    All good things...

    On January 29th the Nor Cal Rabble held there 5th annual Burns Night Supper. As that morning had come an official announcement on XMTS that the new symbol of goodwill for the forum, a quaich, would soon be starting its journey the wee zeppelin, the XMTSAS Saltire made its last voyage to attend the celebration. One chapter ending as the next begins.

    With better than 70 people in attendance the evening was filled with the laughter, good will, and spirit of fellowship that both Robert Burns and the Ladies and Gentlemen of XMTS would have welcomed.

    At the end of the evening the Nor Cal Rabble stood with her for one last picture

    Her logbook was entrusted to Kent to be scanned and published here on the forum

    Lastly I paused and reflected about how far she travelled and how many friends she helped connect

    In the morning haze of my younger days
    I’d see her floating there
    How real she seemed this vessel I dreamed
    The airship I named the Saltire

    Beautiful and bright clad in blue and white
    Floating in the air
    Representing an ideal, a wish made real
    My airship called the Saltire

    High she soared with all my friends aboard
    There was plenty of room to share
    Up in the clear with nothing to fear
    In our airship called the Saltire

    With helm steering true to the course I knew
    Sat I in the Captain’s chair
    O’er many a stormy cloud sailed my zeppelin proud
    The wondrous airship Saltire

    We traveled far following our guiding star
    With winds that were always fair
    Hands clasped with the friendships we grasped
    Aboard the airship Saltire

    Her task complete in helping friends meet
    She pauses for a moment midair
    Then the zeppelin alights away, making way
    Farewell good airship Saltire

    So on this night, ends her flight
    And her travels to here and there
    In honor retired with hopes she inspired
    Goodwill because of the little Saltire

    XMTSAS Saltire


    Commissioned August 16th, 2008
    Decommissioned January 29th, 2011


    -See it there, a white plume
    Over the battle - A diamond in the ash
    Of the ultimate combustion-My panache

    Edmond Rostand

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    21st December 05
    Hawick, Scotland
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    A fitting epitaph Jamie.
    It was great to see Kent and Madeleine again in your photos at the Saltire's final event. Hopefully despite the retiral of the Saltire, friendships will continue and I will be privileged to meet you and the other members of your group some day.
    Regional Director for Scotland for Clan Cunningham International, and a Scottish Armiger.

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    25th August 06
    South Wales UK
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    Lovely set of final pics Jamie,

    She looks as good as new despite all her travels,

    And great news about the log!
    [B][COLOR="Red"][SIZE="1"]Reverend Earl Trefor the Sublunary of Kesslington under Ox, Venerable Lord Trefor the Unhyphenated of Much Bottom, Sir Trefor the Corpulent of Leighton in the Bucket, Viscount Mcclef the Portable of Kirkby Overblow.

    Cymru, Yr Alban, Iwerddon, Cernyw, Ynys Manau a Lydaw am byth! Yng Nghiltiau Ynghyd!
    (Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Cornwall, Isle of Man and Brittany forever - united in the Kilts!)[/SIZE][/COLOR][/B]

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    It brings a tear to the eye. Farewell, our airship Saltire.

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    3rd March 10
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    A fitting retirement party for the little blue blimp, I think. Thank you for sharing these Jamie.

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