I was sitting in the shop working on a couple of kilts when, all of a sudden, this large blue and white Dirigible lands on my porch.

Oh, no, wait a minute, that's Big Mikey!

But wait, there is a dirigible on my porch too. Mikey has brought the Saltaire for a return visit to Victoria.

So these frantic thoughts begin to pass through my brain. "I have a Big Mikey AND a dirigible on my porch.. What to do, what to do??????

And then it came to me.....HAVE A KILT NIGHT!!!!!!!

And before you know it there is a whole Rabble on my porch.

In a attempt to keep this rabble from scaring away all my potential customers I had to resort to taking them to the local watering hole.

Luckily Nathan remembered to bring his pipes because this rabble looked like it could get out of hand pretty quickly without the music soothing the savage breast.

Of course it always helps when you can get some beautiful women to attend a Kilt Night. It helps to keep the rabble from getting too out of hand

My own Bobbie, aka "The Kilted Knome".

The almost "Mrs. KiltedWolfMan", Michelle. Along with her "Kilt-Checkers-in-training", Shanele and Jasmine.

"Mrs. MacMan" was able to join us a little later.

And even Erin aka "Dave" showed up to show everyone just why I make Pink Death Camo Kilts.

It seems like there is always seems to be one table that is more interested in the beer than in the women.
Here is L to R, Big Mikey, Dave Bigsby, Hugh Leger, Mike Erwin.

And of course there is always the table of those who show up in real Kilts and put the rest of us to shame.
Here is David McIntosh, aka "MacMan", & Rex Davidson aka "ThistleDown"

I was finally able to get the entire rabble away from the libations for a moment to grab this group shot.

front row; Shanale, Jasmine, "Kilted Knome", "Big Mikey"
Next row;
Michelle White, "KiltedWolfMan", Matt Lewis, Mike Erwin, "Dave"
Next row; "The Wizard of BC", Nathan Roberts, "White Raven Jr.""ThistleDown", Ryan Sayer, David Bigsby, Mike Wynne, "MacMan", Hugh Leger.

All in all 18 new signatures were added to the logbook of the mighty Saltaire to speed it on its journey.

Bon Voyage, and fair skies to aid you on the perilous flight across the seas to your next stop.

Ferintosh Guest House.