This was a number of years ago, now. I was teaching non-majors biology at a Community College in Oakland. I taught at three colleges, part time, trying to get a full-time tenure-track job at one of them, and make enough money to keep going. It's the first day of class.

....and she walks in.

I could not believe my eyes. Blonde hair, teased up to permanent windblown-status... red nails, crop-top with a tanned and taught stomach peeking out over her low slung shorts. Some women that try this look cheap, but this gal didn't look cheap, she looked like a freaking model in what's colloquially known as a "Mens Magazine"...photographed by a top-notch professional. I'm not exaggerating, either, she was an absolute jaw dropper.

If you're into that sort of thing, of course. *ahem*

She plopped down next to two other women over on the right side of the room. I could see their eyes roll back in their heads. I figured...OK..."Brain Dead". GREAT to look at, but fluff between the ears, for sure.

Man oh man, was I wrong.

She earned the highest grade in the class, cleaned up with A's and nearly perfect test scores.
She helped arrange study sessions for all the other students at the local pizza place, before each midterm and the final.
She was a haircutter/stylist who'd gotten bored with that job and was trying to get an education and do something different. She gave half the women in the class free haircuts.

The other women in the class wound up LOVING her...she had no attitude on her at all.
She wound up TA'ing for the Anatomy and Physiology professor, the next year.

...and she came to class most days that spring looking like a straight-out-of-the-magazines fantasy.

Did I learn a lesson that semester? You bet I did. Don't EVER judge someone by their appearance. EVER.