I am pleased to report the arrival of the XMTSAS Saltire to Springfield, Missouri this afternoon, after a short delay in US Customs -- no doubt due to the "Haggis & Whisky stains" in the gondola! :mrgreen:

I arrived home after work to find the Saltire in the library:

Where it was being welcomed by my wee Corporal-Piper Jock McGraw of the Forty-Twa:

So, following the ancient right of Highland hospitality, I offered the wee airship a dram, but it requested a German brew instead -- evidently it aquired a taste for it whilst in Munich with A_Hay!

Thankfully, I had one bottle of Spaten Optimator left!

The wee ship is very tired after its trans-Atlantic crossing, so we'll finish the bottle and then turn-in for the evening. Who knows what adventure awaits in the Ozarks for the :blimp:

Mair tae follow...in the meantime, guid nicht!

Yours aye,