I'm planning to attend the Portland Boatshow held March 19 to 21. I'll be staying at the Eastland (likely) and should be arriving noonish on the 19th leaveing the 21st or a day later depending (hangovers notwithstanding).

I've been to this show several times and it's my favorite boatshow (I'm a boatbuilder and this is more like a builders show).

When I arrive I like to park the truck and walk to where ever I go ( it's a fourteen hour drive). My usual haunts are, Gritty McDuff's and Bull Feeney's across the street. But interested in whatever Portland has to offer.

Would be interested in having fellow kilties join me for a beer (or eight or ten), will be wearing a Weathered Gunn or my RKilt hemp.

Send me a PM or email me at rhumline@cyg.net