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    This thread has had a good airing and discussion has wandered in various directions well beyond the original topic which was Jamie's announcement of the retirement of the Saltire from its travels.

    The Moderators are of the opinion that everything has been said that needed to be said and indeed that there are things that have been said that perhaps should not have been.

    As Jamie said at the outset, things change and his decision to retire it should be respected - it was his creation and vision and indeed the contribution that it made to connecting folks from X Marks is priceless and deserves our recognition and thanks.

    We saw it visit many places and people and the record of that is fascinating and lasting. Alas it could not go everywhere that people wished it to go in the time it had, that would have probably taken it several years more.

    The good news is that its log will be available here for all to read and this will help reinforce the photos as well as memories and help to make it more real for those who never saw it "in the flesh" so to speak.

    But the Saltire has pioneered the concept of something travelling that represents X Marks and connects X Markers. It's a different item but one that should fulfil the spirit of Jamie's original vision.

    This thread is being closed now. Let us all be grateful for the past and look forward to the future.
    [B][COLOR="Red"][SIZE="1"]Reverend Earl Trefor the Sublunary of Kesslington under Ox, Venerable Lord Trefor the Unhyphenated of Much Bottom, Sir Trefor the Corpulent of Leighton in the Bucket, Viscount Mcclef the Portable of Kirkby Overblow.

    Cymru, Yr Alban, Iwerddon, Cernyw, Ynys Manau a Lydaw am byth! Yng Nghiltiau Ynghyd!
    (Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Cornwall, Isle of Man and Brittany forever - united in the Kilts!)[/SIZE][/COLOR][/B]

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    Before this thread is closed, and it too becomes part of our history, I feel that there should be some heartfelt thanks given to Jamie. His idea of the Saltaire and it's mission of spreading friendship among to our members cannot, should not, ever be forgotten or minimized.

    Jamie, you are an inspiration to this forum. Your sense of playfulness got this forum through some really tough times.

    The story of the Saltaire and the wee airship became a beacon to the membership of the forum and reminded them through its travels of the true meaning of this forum.

    We all are here through a love of the kilt and the sharing of that passion that has brought us together.

    All the members, and the forum itself, owe you a big debt for the countless hours, the dedication, and the inspiration you gave selflessly.

    I for one thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul.

    Enjoy your retirement XMAS Saltaire, It is well earned.
    Steve Ashton
    Forum Owner

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