If you would like to be host to the Quaich or would like to share the Quaich if it comes to a place near you we need to know where you are located.

One of the problems our members seem to be having when they are planning for the next stop on the Quest is finding someone who would be next or nearest to the direction the Quaich is going. If those looking for the next person to contact knew where our members were located it would make things easier, keep the Quaich moving and give everyone a chance to either host or share the Quaich.

One way to let everyone know where you are located is to list your location in your profile. You can list just by country if you live in a small country or there are few members in your country. If you live in a large country or there are many members in your country you may need to be a bit more specific.
Country, state, and city would be one good way of listing your location.

Another way is to list your location on our interactive map. This map can be found by clicking on the title bar of the Events Forum. Adding yourself puts an icon on the map which would make it very easy to find the next stop for the Quaich with just a glance.

The Quaich is on its Quest to circle the globe, spreading our love of the kilt with as many as possible. Don't miss out on an opportunity to host or share the Quaich.

List your location in your profile or on our interactive map.