A wee heads-up to anyone interested that you may wish to keep an eye on our Clearance section, at http://www.scotweb.co.uk/clearance

We're working on a major reorganisation of our product ranges, which includes our discontinuing a lot of old stock that for one reason or another just doesn't fit into our future model - perhaps because we're simplifying a range of products, or just changing the colours of something in stock. So this is a real sale in the old-fashioned sense - a great chance to bag a great deal!

For the pipers among you, we've one set of Kilberry bagpipes going for a song. Plus lots of those little bits and bobs that can be hard to find when you need them. So check it out.

A lot of what's gone in recently has been from our homewares section. But I'm told the product team are about to start on menswear and ladies wear. So watch that space. First come, first served.

But the bottom line is that it's all brand new first class condition stock, which is being reduced by anything from about 20% up to 80% off to clear. AND, get this, your 10% XMTS discount still applies! (I think.)

Happy hunting. :-)