2013 Single Malt Scotch Whisky Tasting by the St. Andrew’s Society of Mexico

Would love to see some Xmarkers there, but I know Im the only one in Mexico, anyway, I wanted to share this event with you guys

Given the diversity of flavours available across the Classic Malts range, it is incredible that single malts are only made from three ingredients: barley, water and yeast. Conversely, given that these ingredients are never exactly the same, it is the workmanship of the whisky masters that creates the same flavour of each Scotch year after year. Furthermore, the manufacturing process, the region where it is made and its soil, water and climatic conditions also change the flavour of the whisky.

This year, the Whisky Tasting by the St. Andrew’s Society of Mexico will include 6 single malts, from each of the 4 different regions and take you through a journey of how and why they differ by region, manufacturing process and how the single malt Scotch differs from other whiskies.

Participants will also be shown some of the tips that master whisky tasters use when reviewing whiskies