My wife and I are driving from Northern Virginia up to Antigonish, July 2018 to attend the games. We already have made our reservations at a local B&B. This is very exciting for me, as my Grandfather and Grandmother both come from Antigonish. I am a MacDonald (MacBride) and my Grandmother was a Chisholm from South River. Both left in 1915 to settle in the US. My Grandfather, my uncle and father (both his sons), travelled back to attend the games a few times.

I am very excited, and waiting for April or May to book the Ferry, and finalize the trip. I have done extensive family research, especially on the MacDonald side, and know my ancestors departed Fort Williams in 1789, arrived 1790 on the Brigantine "Nora" Cape Bretton, and were the pioneers that settled Marydale in St. Andrews. The Chisholm's arrive on or about 1810. My family's ancestors are in Rev. Randell's book, and is very accurate.

So for the folks up in Antigonish, could you please assist me let me know any facts that I need to know about attending the games. I do have kilts, and I do have an authentic Jacobite impression. Would it be considered rude or weird to wear the Jacobite impression for a day? Yes, I am still Roman Catholic, and hope to do some more family research up there, can somebody recommend a good person able to assist me with looking more up about my family?

What type of dress is worn during the games? Are there any evening dinners or events that I can attend? Please any and all information is greatly appreciated.

This is a trip that has been on the drawing board for many years, and I want to make sure all bases are covered and we get the maximum we can from it.