So, when I registered a long time ago when I first started wearing a kilt, I lived up in North Pole AK near Fairbanks. It could be cold (on Christmas one year, I wore my kilt at -50, which by the way is the same in both Fahrenheit and Celsius...).

Now, I'm sweating in Omaha this summer, and its been my fifth summer here. Kilts are a welcome relief!

Since coming to Omaha, I've joined the Strathdon Caledonia Pipe Band (with many members being the Omaha Police Dept and Douglas County Sheriff pipe band members as well), and currently am working through the basics of my practice chanter.

I've yet to don my running kilt for an ultra-marathon down here though. Haven't found an ultra I want to run here, yet... But then, I might give up marathons after this year. I picked up a book on strength training after spending the last couple of years lifting consistently in the gym. What is a kilted descendant of the Highlands to do with strength training, other than jump into the Highland Games! So, If anyone is part of the Metro Area Kilted Throwers here in Omaha, shoot me a PM, I'm looking forward to learning to throw and put that strength training to good use!