Hello Fellow Kilted Brothers and Sisters!

My name is Eden, i'm the Owner of OZKILTS. Today I wanted to tell you about our journey to create an amazing quality and affordable utility kilt.

As you might have guessed, Iíve been wearing Utility Kilts for years now, and OZKILTS was born from this passion, and from desire to deliver quality, functional Utility Kilts to the world!

See, the problem is, with the influx of overseas manufacture and increasing popularity of the Utility Kilt industry, it has been flooded with terrible quality products that belong more so in a costume shop for 13,99. To make things worse, a bunch of apparently Ďlocal manufacturerísí started popping up all over, who actually just ship you the exact same poor quality items from overseas manufacturers. Now, donít get me wrong, I am NOT against using overseas manufacture, we are very upfront in this regard as to remain very price competitive we use them too, however, there needs to be rigid quality control, and the design specification documents used should be represent ongoing improvements and a keen eye for quality.

As a project of passion, OZKILTS has gone from strength to strength and its growing customer base and raving fans are a testament to our mission.

Check us out, we would love to hear from you, suggestions, improvements,

The fact is, I wear our kilts daily, I test them myself, and we improve continually based on customer feedback and our own testing, and we have growing base of customers who come back again and again.

Love to hear from you guys, even from other suppliers about what they are doing, I'm all about collaboration, lets make the best kilts possible!

Check us out at https://ozkilts.com, and I hope to hear from you soon!