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    Quote Originally Posted by OC Richard View Post
    Yes all the usual red flags were there with that set!

    Now for something completely different, a very nice new set, purchased but never played, for much less than it would cost new.


    As it happens this set is only an hour's drive for me, so it might be possible to see in it person and pick it up.

    I think I'll pass, as I'm well served by my two vintage sets.

    Now this is odd, a seller with two listings of Dunbar sets which use the same photos



    I've messaged the seller asking if it's the same instrument listed twice, or two different bagpipes.

    My parade/bad weather set are Dunbar P1ís. They are nice pipes, but I find them harder to manager than my Naillís or Kintails. That was a great price though - we have a new member of our band that recently made the leap to pipes, and just played in his first parade, who has been asking for peopleís advice on pipes, who I did let know about that listing. I do not know if he bid on and/or won them, but other than how plain they are, I like them enough to recommend them to people.

    the price on those Hendersonís was pretty incredible as well. I have read a number of people say that there are a LOT of mid range to lower upper range pipes on the market right now, which has driven prices down. I keep looking at the higher end (engraved silver and/or ivory), and clearly that same phenomenon isnít happening. Itís still always fun to look though!


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    Some good African Blackwood pipes in the $800-900 range.

    1983 Kintails for $800 including shipping; seller doesn't have much feedback https://www.ebay.com/itm/26523307538...MAAOSwyc5g8iCq

    Near-new MacRaes for $830 including shipping. https://www.ebay.com/itm/29427301748...AAAOSwbNFg7hTu

    Now for something completely different: Dave Atherton has been putting new pipes on Ebay from time to time.

    He has two sets up for $1,800 each, which I don't have to tell you is much less than his pipes sometimes go for.


    I know of a few makers of Irish traditional instruments, uilleann pipes and wooden flutes, who have lost their patience with the traditional business model for such instruments:

    1) buyer contacts maker to discover wait time and options, then puts in his order, placing a 50% deposit to get on the wait list.

    2) buyer buys a "make-do" instrument to play during the wait period.

    3) when maker completes the instrument, which could be several months to several years, he contacts the buyer, who then pays the remainder.

    This led to most respected makers getting very long wait lists, up to 10 years, at which point the makers "closed their books".

    With most (perhaps all) makers, famous players could covertly bypass the queue. There are stories of famous players getting their instrument stolen while on tour and having a new instrument within days, from makers having closed books.

    The fact that every instrument they made was bespoke gave the makers virtually no artistic freedom, and they were regularly hounded by buyers wondering why they still hadn't received their instrument which had been promised for several years ago. (For some reason the makers always grossly underestimated how long it would take.)

    This has led to several makers closing their books forever, and as soon as they had caught up with their orders, clearing their books, they began a new business model, far less stressful:

    1) they make whatever instrument they want to make, and take as long to make it as they please.

    2) when an instrument is completed it is put up for sale.

    3) if a buyer likes what he sees, he gets a top instrument from a top maker with no wait at all.
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    Proud Mountaineer from the Highlands of West Virginia; son of the Revolution and Civil War; first Europeans on the Guyandotte

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