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    The Grand Circle

    Been a while since I posted on here. But recently my wife and I took a 2770 mile road trip through New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho and Utah. I wore utility kilts for most of the trip, except a day or two when it was cold AND windy. We both got to see more of the country than we thought existed. Got to see a tatanka in the Black Hills (see photo), visited Crazy Horse monument and museum, Mt. Rushmore (I liked Crazy Horse better), drove through Yellowstone (the power of magma below becomes all too real there), and Bryce Canyon. All of this in 6 days. Whew...

    Just a note that since I put on my first kilt, I been wearing a kilt of one kind or other almost every day since. I cannot wear them at work, but as soon as I get home, WHOOP - off come the pants, and on go a kilt. To me, pants are like goggles or gloves. Use 'em when you got to, but whip the puppies off when yer done.

    As a side note, on the way back, going through Utah we stopped by UT Kilts in Ogden and got to visit with Brice Lythgoe ( I could not resist the opportunity). I have ordered a lot of kilts from him in the past via internet. This time my wife Elsa picked out three more from Brice's warehouse for me. Got to love a woman who supports a kilt wearing man!

    Anyway, here are some photos:

    Headed into Nebraska - my wife marveled at how lonely that part of the trip looked.

    Western Nebraska and South Dakota look the same - except for this sign. The area is basically Dances With Wolves country - Lakota.

    As we drove through the Black Hills, we came upon this tatanka right by the road. Elsa rolled down the window, took this photo, rolled it up and we rolled right on by. I find it amazing that a Lakota warrior of days gone by could take one of these creatures down with a single, well-placed arrow while on bare horseback.

    Elsa and I at the Crazy Horse monument and museum.

    Inside the Crazy Horse museum, next to a bust of Chief Joseph. Read the plaque below and weep.

    Here we are at Mt. Rushmore. Of course, my t-shirt tells the whole story.....

    We visited Yellowstone, but boy was it CROWDED. Could not access some of the areas because it was just overcrowded. Never got to see Old Faithful have its 90 minute interval hissy fit. Ran out of time....

    Another beautiful hot tub at Yellowstone. Beautiful, yes... but NO SWIMMING. There were hot pools, geysers and boiling pools everywhere. Just like the area on one side of Taal volcano lake.... just before it blew in January of 2020. Elsa and I were there a month before it erupted. Not sure if I should be relieved, or disappointed.

    We also visited Bryce Canyon, rock colors so bright and pretty they look edible.

    Bryce Canyon again, just so beautiful the Creator Jesus must have had a blast making this!

    Long trip, but nice to be back. And wearing the kilts on the trip was AWESOME!
    So, that is all folks!

    "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord....." Psalm 33:12

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